Pixel Ponderer | Interactive Card
Pixel Ponderer | Interactive Card

Interactive Card


This interactive business card lets you physically explore and reveal the 'layers' of my process. Combining illustration, print design and a dash of interactivity. A set of these cards were physically produced and sat on the table during my exhibition at MDS in late 2023. It is designed to stand at a nifty wee A5, and the external card is designed in A4 and to be folded, the circle die-cut design is slotted in and then attached with a black metal paper fastener.

The Brief

In 2 weeks - Design and physically produce a dynamic 'interactive business card' that represents my self brand.

My Role

Solo Project - Illustrator, drafting and conceptualization, design.

Field of Practice

Print Design, promotional card design, interactive business card design.


Interactive printed card.

Interactive Card
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