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Pixel Ponderer | About


Why am I?

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I'm Pixel Ponderer a self-starter, solution oriented designer and creative problem solver with a fire in my belly and a knack for etching out creative solutions. I specialize in crafting visually focused media to story-tell, communicate and educate.

Pixel Prowess

Never say "that'll do"

My recent bachelor's degree and diverse project experience have honed my design principles, Adobe Creative Suite mastery, and ability to deliver high-quality and user-first creative solutions. I also have a bit of an itch for thoroughly well-executed work, and my "never say that'll do" mantra pushes me to create exceptional designs, animations and illustrations. I use a hearty combination of Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Acrobat, InDesign and Visual Studio Code throughout the lions share of my projects. Through a combination of endless curiosity and a drive to add more skills to my designers toolbox I'm usually building more skills both within and beyond those programs.


Both through word and image

So when we communicate, what we're trying to do is connect with people, be that visually or through word. I believe the way to guarantee that connection happens is to communicate authentically. Facts, figures and technicals are all great and very necessary, they act as the foundation for any good project, but they come from the head. To make that all stick, it's vital that you also speak from the heart - you've got to make them FEEL something and that comes from a strong understanding of the user.

Creative Problem Solving

turning creative problems into actionable solutions

To me, great design is a dialogue between its creators and the users: the user is always a co-author. This creates the springboard for strong creative problem solving. Building on this foundation, human-centered design, structured methodologies, and a hearty helping of full-bodied research craft a rock-solid approach to finding simple ways to understand enormously complex creative problems and then to turn those learnings into actionable steps. Just because the problem may be horribly complex, doesn't mean the solution has to be. In fact, the solution to hugely tricky and fragmented creative problems is often surprisingly simple at it's core.

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