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Future NZ is a conceptual service that steps in early and begins giving parents and children alike the support and guidance they need by assessing, and supporting the child's mental and physical health and building key social-emotional skills as they continue to grow.
To understand the approach, I'd like to pose to you the same question the Dunedin Study first posed in 1972: What if we took a baby and examined everything that happened to it from birth to grave, all to find out... what makes us who we are. This has revealed that many adult problems begin much earlier in life than we previously thought. But more positively the study found overwhelming evidence of that a good, stable and safe start in life sets anyone up onto a good life trajectory.
The most powerful predictor of success in adult life was something the study measured in 3-year-olds that 30 years later predicted the income and job status of the same children when they were adults. That measure was self-control. The good news here is self-control is not fixed in a bad state and can be improved, and Future NZ aims to step in early and get that right.
This project is heavily influenced by the visual direction and design philosophy of the game Monument Valley by UStwo Games and Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher.

The Brief

In 6 weeks - Design and produce an innovative concept, visual identity, creative media strategy and collateral for a new social enterprise that solves an environmental or social problem. Using an agile and human-centred approach to determine the concept and scope of the business, and the service that this enterprise offers. This is an Academic Project.

My Role

Solo Project - From research insights to final visuals: conducted interviews, strategized, led creative direction, and produced all visual outcomes.

Field of Practice

Design and execution of collateral materials including: website design, mockups, vector illustrations, print collateral design, and photography.


Brand system and guideline documentation with supporting mockups, illustrations and visual elements.

The Solution

The long-term goal for Future NZ's concept is to offer government-funded support to any Kiwi family with a child beginning at age 3 until they reach age 18 - giving families the opportunity to have long-term and extensive support sculpted by the Dunedin Study. Ensuring their individual needs are being met and giving them the skills to create a foundation for lifelong success. This would effectively reduce the likelihood of someone suffering from addiction issues in later life, and would actually solve a slew of other issues by giving someone the best tools possible to have a stable, healthy and fulfilling life.
As it stands now there simply isn't this kind of comprehensive full-bodied support available through the same service through from the early years into adolescence in New Zealand, and what is available, like the Capital Genetics Group that offers genetic counselling and referrals in Wellington is not funded or subsidized and therefore only available to a certain class which, given the poverty level of NZ a country, having a government-funded solution would benefit everyone, rather than just the rich.
The last component of the approach is style - the use of youthful colours coupled with the technical rigidity of the isometric style marries and gives full form to the Future NZ brand. Each illustration depicts a little world that comes to life in impossible ways when seen from a certain perspective, mirroring the little worlds of the children Future NZ would be looking to support.

Behind the Scenes

Take a look at how some of these illustrations were constructed.

Future NZ
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